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The Do Gooders Podcast

Feb 26, 2024

Are you prepared to give an answer, a reason for the hope that you have?

We’re told in 1 Peter 3:15 to always be ready—and maybe, especially now.

Maybe the world needs that hope more than ever.

It’s part of what makes The Salvation Army what it is. As General Lyndon Buckingham will tell you, we are visible...

Feb 19, 2024

Despite California’s economic might and world-class growth engine, one of the biggest problems plaguing the state is growing right alongside its GDP. 

California has dominated the national conversation on homelessness. As of 2022, 30 percent of all people in the U.S. experiencing homelessness resided in California,...

Feb 12, 2024

As we've been discussing recently, homelessness in the U.S. is still on the rise. In fact, rates have been climbing nationally by about 6% every year since 2017, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

That uptick coincides with soaring housing costs and rising prices for necessities like food and...

Feb 5, 2024

There’s a lot of focus, and rightfully so, on decreasing homelessness in the U.S. It’s a complex issue that deserves our attention more than ever. But it’s important to remember that when you dig beneath all of the data and all of the policies and all of the ambitious housing projects, you find real human stories....

Jan 29, 2024

More than 400,000 people were homeless last year. That’s a record high, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

To put that number in perspective, that’s roughly enough people to fill Michigan Stadium, the largest stadium in the U.S., not once but four times.

And many experts agree even that figure...