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The Do Gooders Podcast

May 23, 2022

All across the country, The Salvation Army is gearing up to open the gates to that well-loved place where kids can be kids—summer camp.

Every year, thousands of kids of all ages get a fresh perspective on life as they meet new friends, discover new activities, and get a taste of nature at one of The Salvation Army’s 43 camps. As campers learn to swim, play sports, create music, make art, and more, their trained counselors help them navigate the complicated emotions and struggles sometimes associated with their lives back home.

For many, it’s their first time truly experiencing the great outdoors. It’s also often where they meet and come to know the love of Jesus.

And at High Peak Camp in Estes Park, Colorado, they do so surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.

Led by Camp Director James Johnson and Assistant Camp Director Mitchell McWilliams, High Peak is preparing to welcome some 100 kids a week this summer—and for the first time, is offering an adaptive camp for young adults with disabilities.

The mentality, they said, is why say no? Camp is a safe space for all people.


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