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The Do Gooders Podcast

Nov 7, 2022

I vividly remember my first real reporting outing as an intern. I met Jill, who lived in a Salvation Army shelter for families experiencing homelessness and HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles. Jill told me about the moment she learned she was positive—and pregnant. The baby would be born infected.

Jill showed me the four vials of antiretroviral medication her daughter, then 2, had to take each day. She also gave me a tour of the apartment, their home, with visible pride over her child playing in the toy kitchen. Despite the hurdles, Jill became a mom and it changed her for good. She had a new story to write.

Before I left, Jill thanked me for letting her tell her story, saying it felt good to share.

As I’ve sat down with people in the 15 years since, I’ve heard the same sentiment again and again.

It’s when we name our experiences that we come to understand them in a new way—especially our own. More importantly, stories help us to understand each other, to see past any label and instead see the person.

On this episode of the Do Gooders Podcast, we’re going to talk about story and why it’s so powerful.


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