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The Do Gooders Podcast

Nov 27, 2023

Ok, trivia time:

  • What is the color of Santa's suit?
  • Can you name the animal that pulls Santa's sleigh?
  • Why is Christmas celebrated across the world?

Or rather, how do you explain the story of Christmas to kids?

In a season filled with celebration and merriment and presents and fun…as parents we, of course, want to help our kids understand and appreciate the reason for it all, the gift we were given, the birth of Christ.

Majors Emmanuel and Jennifer Masango understand this well as the parents of three boys and also as Salvation Army officers, or pastors, currently serving as Western Territorial Youth Secretary and Territorial Candidates' and Recruitment Secretary, respectively.

Their best tip? Keep it simple and be intentional.

And we have just the new Advent resource to do just that and enjoy a small meaningful moment with your family throughout this season, which they’ll tell you more about. You can find it at and I am inviting you to grab that resource today, involve your kids in a fun family night coloring and putting together a classic paper countdown chain to hang in your home this Christmas and remind you of that greatest gift of love.


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