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The Do Gooders Podcast

Dec 4, 2023

You recently heard from a few people donating to a Salvation Army Red kettle on why they do it.

Today, I want to take you deeper into what that giving can do.

As a young mother, Billie Lawson was married to an active member of the military. There was one Christmas in 1986 that they were struggling to make ends meet. She remembers it well.

In fact, she wasn’t sure they’d be able to have a Christmas that year at all.

And how do you explain that to three little kids?

She wasn’t much a person of faith then, but she cried and prayed to God one night as she went to sleep. What happened the next day might as well be pulled straight from a Hallmark Christmas movie. And you’ll have to hear her tell it.

What unfolded that Christmas wasn’t the end. It changed the way Billie saw things, and would end up changing—even saving—her life.

Today, Billie is the director of retail for the Grand Junction, Colorado, corps. She’s worked for The Salvation Army for well over a decade.

Now she’s helping make Christmas brighter for others.


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