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The Do Gooders Podcast

Mar 16, 2020

You’ve seen the mugs, the t-shirts, the screensavers…

“Follow your heart”

“Believe in yourself”

You may have even had someone say something to the effect of: “God won’t give you more than you can handle” or “God just wants me to be happy.”

But there’s a danger in these clichés we often encounter—they’re not biblical.

As longtime church planter and pastor Shane Pruitt says, Jesus isn’t made of Play-Doh. He isn’t moldable to suit our needs. And life isn’t really about our own happiness or fulfillment. Instead, he says, joy is built on Christ and we can find fulfillment by following someone greater than ourselves.

Shane is the Director of Next Gen Evangelism for the North American Mission Board. He holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Christian Counseling and frequently speaks on the truth of the Bible. He’s been published everywhere from Relevant Magazine to Christianity Today and is the author of a new book: “9 Common Lies Christians Believe and Why God’s Truth is Infinitely Better.”

He’s on the show today to share more about these common lies, why they can get us into trouble, and where to look instead. 

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