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The Do Gooders Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

According to the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly 20 million Americans ages 12 and older battle a substance use disorder.  

The effects range from deteriorating one’s physical health, to impairing mental functioning and damaging the overall spirit of who they are.

But think about it: that’s also 20 million families across the U.S. who are directly impacted by addiction—financially, physically and psychologically. And those effects are painful. 

But as Dave Robbins will tell any family in the throes of it, God has a plan for your child’s life and it doesn’t include addiction.

Dave is a manager and senior VP of Leidos Innovations Center and on the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. He and his wife experienced the effects of addiction on their family as they watched and helped to navigate through it with their daughter.

He’s on the show to share what he learned about addiction, recovery and the family’s role in it. And he shares his own “burning bush” moment at a Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center chapel—and why he keeps coming back years later.

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