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The Do Gooders Podcast

Dec 1, 2020

That’s right! This is a special, bonus episode from our live event on Giving Tuesday—the Do Good Expedition.

Thank you so much to each of you who joined us! If you didn’t, you might not be on our email list, so be sure to sign up now to see all future invites.  

Each year on Giving Tuesday, people all around the world take action to support causes they care about. And after the year we’ve had, it’s really nice to think about all the good that can come from that collective action.

Of course, when you give to The Salvation Army, you support all kinds of causes, like helping those experiencing homelessness, feeding the hungry and buying Christmas gifts for kids who need a little joy this holiday season.

As part of our event, we recorded a special episode of this podcast to take you behind the scenes of how The Salvation Army is rescuing Christmas in three communities and from three different vantage points. 

So allow me to introduce to you today Captain Kristy Church, Salvation Army Corps Officer of the Roseburg (Oregon) Corps; Jhoana Hirasuna, Social Services Director of the Pasadena (California)  Tabernacle Corps; and Sam Jarosz, Public Relations Director in the Del Oro Division, based in Sacramento.