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The Do Gooders Podcast

Dec 12, 2022

While The Salvation Army is much more than red kettles, Christmas is unquestionably the season of The Salvation Army. 

And really, what better season to be synonymous with than Christmas? 

Every year, kicking off at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game and running through Christmas Eve, you’ll see red kettles and bell ringers standing outside supermarkets and shopping malls, encouraging you to drop in a few dollars—or more—to support The Salvation Army.

Some 25,000 bell ringers a year help The Salvation Army raise money for local programs. And yes—money given in your community stays in your community to help your neighbors.

With the generous support of the public, and a long list of corporate partners, The Salvation Army serves more than 31 million Americans in need each year. 

And this Christmas season, I wanted you to hear it in the words of those engaged in the Fight for Good—volunteering to ring the bell at the kettle, making sure families have food and presents under the tree, and ensuring the lonely are not forgotten. 


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