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The Do Gooders Podcast

Sep 13, 2021

Studies suggest children who spend at least half of their lives in poverty are 32 times as likely to be poor as adults.

Which means a continued, intergenerational cycle of life-long poverty.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With access to adequate resources, support and guidance, there is a way out.

That’s the premise of TSA’s national initiative—the Pathway of Hope—which started 10 years ago to provide individualized services to families with children.

By addressing immediate material needs AND providing long-term engagement, it aims to stabilize families and stop the chronic cycle.

The essential ingredient? Hope.

This season on the Do Gooders Podcast, we’re delving into Pathway of Hope and its many facets to explore poverty in America and how The Salvation Army is fighting back. 

Starting with Ron Skeete who is on the show to introduce us to Pathway of Hope.

Until just a few weeks ago, Ron was the initiative’s Director for The Salvation Army in the southern U.S. He also volunteers as a mentor for young men of color as a member of 100 Black Men of North Metro Atlanta—and was named in 2021 to the media agency Pocstock’s inaugural Future of Black America Top 50 list.

In his role with The Salvation Army, he led the coordination and implementation of Pathway of Hope across the south.

He saw families change forever.

And he’ll tell you he’s seen the organization change for the better, too. It’s meant a paradigm shift from serving the poor to solving intergenerational poverty. To digging out the root causes of a family’s poverty.


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